Some more facts

What we can do more about Android

Google has responded to the letter of objections of the EU commission. Some developers have published their supportive opinion under hash tag #saveAndroid. As part of Google’s campaign a list of Android facts was published. So we wanted to write down some more (opinionated) facts below and start thinking about how to do more things. If you think Android should have a better ecosystem feel free to leave a comment or suggest more facts via pull requests.

Fact #-01

Unlike other unix-based operating systems, Android is not governed openly, but by Google only.

Fact #-02

Since the first version, it is not possible to enter a localized (with comma as separator) decimal number via hardware keyboard.

Fact #-03

In the early days, Google has produced new Android versions in collaboration with partners of the Open Handset Alliance. The latest version, were developed only by Google employees.

Fact #-04

Google Play, the dominat app store for Android, can only be preinstalled together with Google Search and other Google apps.

Fact #-05

Google partnered with more than thousand brands to build the Android ecosystem. In 2014, Google earned $2.1 billion through app sales with a similar number for revenue from mobile search through Android devices, and even higher number through mobile advertisment.

Fact #-06


Fact #-07

Among 2016 flagship phones in the UK, Germany, and France, all devices had Google Search preinstalled.

Fact #-08

Since 2009, the number of noticable Android app stores has been gone down less than 10.

Fact #-09


Fact #-10

Google’s launcher has removed support for the Android Quick Search Box in favour of Google Now.

Fact #-11


Fact #-12

Efforts to standardize app meta data to simplfy the use of different Android app stores has been abandonded in 2015.

Fact #-13

In 2014, devices with dual booting Android and Windows (like Acer “Duet”) were postponed indefinitely due to alleged pressure from OS makers.

Fact #-14

Being preinstalled on Android devices like Google Play, Google Search, Google Foto is a significant market advantage in the competitive app market.

Fact #-15

Information about supported Android “intents” provided by apps in Google Play store are not publicly available.

Fact #-16

If developers want to request a payment from users, they have to use Google payment system if the app is distributed by Google Play. There is no standardized way to implement payment requests in Android making it harder for developers to distribute their apps on other app stores.

Fact #-17


Fact #-18


Fact #-19

Only propriority protocols can be used to check whether a device fulfills the Android compatibility test suite.

Fact #-20

Google Mobile Services use propriotary APIs of Google Play to increase the installation of their apps. Other developers can’t make use of these APIs.

Fact #-21

Developers are encouraged to use Google Play Service APIs. Hence, these applications do not work on Android devices without Google Mobile Services. With Google’s Firebase offerings this is extending more.

Fact #-22

Parts of the Android platform, like Android Wear and Android Auto use closed features and do not work without Google Mobile Services.

Fact #-23

Google integrates their developer services into the dominant Android IDE.